Rich DeVos on Gay Marriage and AIDS

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  • Carlos says

    Dear Rich:

    Amway is a gr8 business and am proud to be an IBO. Amway has doubled its sales in the middle of a recession while the REAL Pyramid scheme of the Real Estate bubble and US banking/investment schemes collapsed requiring US government welfare to prop them up.

    Amway is a great business opportunity.

    However, I disagree with you regarding Gay Marriage. Let them have their legal recognition by the state, civil marriage if you will. It is not the end of the world. Yes, AIDS came about largely via promiscuity, fornication and spread with people who exhibited such behavior. Maybe Gays were a particular victim for a combination of these things.

    Yet, one cannot sabotage treatment and cure research. Gays are not asking for special treatment. They want to be treated the same as straight people and have their marriages legally recognized.

    In LA, I met a flaming gay actor guy I knew worked at Fox Studios and watched Fox Sports Network.

    I asked him why he supported Rupert Murdoch, Fox News and the Republican party. He thought I was nuts because he is a liberal.

    Amway is awesome. Amway roxs! 75 years and going strong! Despite your politics, I support Amway’s business and products.

    To each their own and I find these boycotts childish and juvenile.

    At any company,you will see that top executive management tends to be Conservative/GOP, including at “Liberal” staples like Whole Foods. Now go boycott WF!

    Amway roxs and is a beast!


    • Kurka says

      It’s true Rich DeVos has invested and cbtirtouned a great deal of money into the Grand Rapids economy. Amway has provided a good living for many people in West Michigan, However the fact of the matter is, Same Sex Marriage is about RIGHTS those same rights that Mr. DeVos has enjoyed for all of his married life.Mr. DeVos I say to you, WHY WOULD YOU DENY EQUAL RIGHTS THAT HAVE ALLOWED AND EMPOWERED YOU FROM OTHERS? Mr. DeVos your logic is flawed, I respect your religious beliefs and your opinion which are protected under the law. But you are incorrect it’s not about special treatment as you put it. It’s about RIGHTS those same rights enjoyed by every other group of the population. Please don’t thump on the bible if you are going to defend your bigotry. Gays, Lesbians, BiSexuals, and Transgendered people are a group of the POPULATION it has nothing to do with how they live their lives Medical research supports that.Pull your nose out of the bible, for just a minute and realize how much harm you are doing to your fellow mankind. Is bringing harm to your fellow mankind something God would condone? Your position is a sin and all sin is equal.

  • Carlos says

    Whatever you do, do not behave like the bully who made an ahole of himself bullying a Chic-a-fill employee.

    Finally, boycotting Amway is different since people buying Amway products have attachment and registered to do so. They are not sold in store. Amway provides a business opportunity to people who may need extra income. Income potential trumps silly boycotts.

    Finally, Boycotts do not hurt top management guys. They hurt the bottom rungs and lower paid employees/reps who may or may not agree with management politics.


  • Carlos says

    Oh by the way, I also volunteer for Obama OFA in NYC and will be voting for him. For all intents and purposes, the chick at chick. Fill was a liberal as well.

    • Aditi says

      This man has stood the test of time. He has worked very hard for what he has aveehcid. He is only a man and not perfect. Put this all together and you would be lucky to be this person. We all have failings, but lets remember the ones like Rich DeVos who work hard at being successful in all aspects of life. I have never met the man personally, but have heard him speak at a seminar’. Very inspirational speaker, in my opinion. So, I submit, whatever our values and beliefs, we can get something worthwhile from people like this. Maybe this is what we need to focus on? Thanks.

  • Carlos says

    You are a Gay REPUBLICAN Presidential candidate trying to boycott Amway? WOW! Talk about clueless! Good luck with that in the GOP/conservative circles. You will get very far…..not!

    Liberals may be more open to that but your appealing to Republicans?

    This is too rich!


  • Lehan says

    The constant arumegent from opponents of same-sex marriage is that marriage is a sacrement from the Bible and since we are a Christrian Nation, it’s a no-brainer that we need to follow the Bible’s take on marriage.Except: marriage is a legal right, we’re not a Christian Nation, and if -by this logic- members of the queer community are not allowed marriage rights, neither should atheists, agnostics, people who have ever been divorced, or people of faiths other than Christianity.People like DeVos do a great deal to enforce the stereotype that all Christians are small-minded, prejudiced people.

    • Carlos says

      Very True Lehan!

      I support gay Civil Marriage and many Amway IBOs/employees do to. I am as liberal as you can get in any issue including social issues.

      According to Fred, we should boycott Glee because it is broadcasted on “FOX’. You know who owns FOX Studios right? Rupert Murdoch. It does not get more Conservative supporting that that fact.

      Does “Glee” cast and crew now support Rupert Murdoch’s political positions because they work for Murdoch owned companies? I guess the “Glee” cast/crew are raaaaaaging Conservative Republicans too?


      Boycotting companies from left or right is silly.

      Most major US firms are right wing leaning at the executive/managerial level. Amway is a major firm.


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